David Peterson

M.S, Ph.D. student
Research Assistant (RA) Aug. 2007 - Dec. 2012.

Selected by the NASA GSFC Graduate Student Summer Program (GSSP), Dave worked in summer 2008 with NASA GSFC scientists to examine the interannual variability of biomass burning in North America using MODIS fire counts and the contributing meteorological variables. He has presented the results at AGU and AMS annual meetings, and is the (1st place) winner in the competition of students' oral presentation in Omaha-Offutt AMS chapter in Feb 2009. In Fall 2009, Dave successfully defended his M.S. thesis, and attended graduation ceremony in Dec. 2009. He now continues the study of remote sensing of fires as part of his Ph.D. work.

In May 2009, Dave also won the he prestigious NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship, see details here.
Job after grauation: National Research Council postdoctoral fellow, Naval Research Lab, Monterey, CA. Also received the NASA Postodoctoral Fellowship to work at NASA GSFC, but he can only select one.

David Peterson
Dave smiled on the Golden Gate Bridge after his presentation at AGU.