Atmospheric and Environmental Research Lab

Satellite/ground remote sensing projects

Satellite/ground remote sensing of aerosols for monitoring air quality and quantifying aerosol climate forcing and sources. See the following research projects for details.

1. Multi-sensor inverse modling of aerosol emission (Active)

2. Remote sensing of PM air quality using MODIS, VIIRS, and other sensors (Active)

3. Retrieval of aerosol properties using ground-based measurement of polarized skylight (Active)

4. Studying the Saharan dust effects on climate from GOES8 satellite

5. Monitoring dust event in east Asia from Japanese GMS satellite

6. Satellite applications for air quality studies

7. Dust properties in east Asian dust source region

8. Impact of relative humidity and aerosol mixing state on satellite characterization of urban aerosols

9. Quantifying dust non-spherical effects using geostationary satellite