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  • FOLLOW-UP: Researchers seek input from farmers on smart sensor ... We are in the news again!

    "IOWA CITY, Iowa (KWWL) – Researchers at the University of Iowa are excited about learning from farmers who currently use their sensor that tracks weather patterns." Continue reading at: KCRG News
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  • Professors from The University of Iowa and Iowa State University as panelists in WorldCanvass holding the talk: "Joint UI-ISU research to provide weather/soil intelligence to Iowa’s farmers" Read the news at: The University of Iowa
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  • Yi Wang, the first to graduate from the IGPI program with a Geoinformatics PhD!.

    The biggest benefit of the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Informatics' (IGPI) interdisciplinary framework is that students whose interests don’t fit well with an existing program find the flexibility to customize a unique curriculum. Continue reading at: UI3 News

  • Researchers from Iowa State University and the University of Iowa are building joint teams that will work to use gut bacteria to treat chronic diseases, improve weather forecasts for precision agriculture and produce better vaccines against swine and avian flu Continue reading at: Iowa State University, News Service
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  • Future of Farming, UI Professor develops smart sensor for farm irrigation. "IOWA CITY, Iowa (KWWL) — Farming across the midwest is about to get a lot smarter thanks to smart sensors being developed at the University of Iowa" Continue reading at: KWWL News
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  • University of Iowa receives $1.6 million grant to develop new farming technology. "IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) - The way farmers grow crops will soon be changing if engineers at the University of Iowa get their way" Continue reading at: KCRG News

  • Jun Wang receives "The 2019 Faculty Excellence Award for Research" in recognition of his extraordinary contributios.

  • UI researchers develop technology to promote sustainable farming. A team of University of Iowa researchers has been awarded $1.6 million from the U.S. Agriculture Department to develop technology to improve soil temperature and moisture in farming areas. Continue reading at: The Daily Iowan
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  • UI researchers explain ammonia distribution in Earth's upper atmosphere. A new study co-led by University of Iowa researchers explains how ammonia is distributed in Earth’s upper atmosphere ...

  • Another book published! “Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Pollution”. The book is available in: MDPI
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  • Jun Wang is part of the researchers that have demonstrated the improvement in nighttime fire detection ... Read news in Earth Observatory
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  • When a Canadian wildfire carried smoke more than 1,600 miles to Nebraska earlier this month, Jun Wang noted it as an example of how wildfires are a direct cause for concern ... Read news in NEBRASKA TODAY
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  • Jun Wang and Cui Ge contributed in a new study about Greenhouse emissions ... Read news in NEBRASKA TODAY

  • Thomas Polivka published his first paper as the cover article in June 2015 issue of IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters ... Read news in UNL News Releases

  • Jun Wang is a member of the Suomi NPP Mission Development Team that recenlty received the NASA Group Achievement Award.

  • Richard Xu received the best graduate student award in 2014 UNL-EAS Alumni Banquet.

  • Jun Wang part of award-winning team working with NASA ... Read news in NEBRASKA TODAY

  • Amy Kessner graduated with M.S. in May, and started to work as a manager for "The Groundwater Foundation".

  • Ph.D. candidate Xiaoguang "Richard" Xu receives the prestigious NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship ... Read news in UNL ANNOUNCE
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  • Three graduate students win coveted summer fellowships at national labs ... Read news in UNL News Releases
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  • David Peterson is one of three receipients of 2011 UNL's Best Graduate Research Assistant award ... Read news in Research news

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